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Kitchen Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

Major impact with minimal expense. Isn’t that what we all want in a home makeover? Does your kitchen need a new look? Forget about tearing down walls and ripping up flooring. You can create a whole new look when you utilize these kitchen updates that won’t break the bank.

Kitchen updates don't have to break the bank when you utilize these simple ideas for your Marco Island/Naples home remodel.

Kitchen Updates That Won’t Break the Bank


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When performing kitchen updates, many people choose to focus on their countertops. These take up a fair-sized portion of your kitchen’s overall appearance. The good news is that they can be fairly easy for just about anyone to change. Concrete counters are currently trending around the country right now, even in Naples homes. Achieve this look for less by putting up concrete forms around your existing countertops. Then, pour Level Quick Concrete directly on top of your tiled counters. Total cost? Just a couple hundred dollars. Or use paint to change the look of old wood or linoleum countertops. Scuff up the surface slightly with a medium-grade sandpaper, prime it, and then paint it the color you want. Don’t forget to seal it afterward. The same can be done with old tile counters. Talk to your local home improvement store for ideas on how to properly achieve your goal.


Another large area that shows its age in Marco Island homes is flooring. Decorative rugs help cover a multitude of sins. But, if you want to truly change your floor’s image, stencil a pattern directly onto the tiles. Royal Design Studios provides a wide variety of stencils to choose from as well as a handy step-by-step guide on how to stencil your tile floors yourself.


Paint plays a huge part in kitchen updates. This includes cabinets. Do dark cabinets make your kitchen feel more like a dungeon? Lighten them up with a fresh coat of paint. While time-consuming, painting cabinets yourself costs a very small amount of money. However, even hiring a pro to paint your cabinets costs much less than replacing them entirely. So, if you’re not up to the challenge or hassle of a DIY job, you’ll still save money by enlisting the help of a professional.

Also, adding or changing out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers totally transforms the look of your kitchen. The cost varies, though, depending on the type of hardware and the amount you use. Luckily, most home improvement stores provide a myriad of options to choose from. And, best of all, installation tends to be a breeze for most homeowners. Most of the time and effort involved in your kitchen’s hardware comes when trying to decide which designs to use.

Light Fixtures

Finally, let’s talk lighting. When updating your kitchen, you might be surprised at how much of a difference your light fixtures make. Add more lighting to brighten up a dull, dark kitchen. Take out unattractive fluorescent lights. Canned lights (which can be pricier) or pendant lights (which come in a wide variety of designs) provide a welcome transformation in a very short amount of time.

Looking to sell your Marco Island/Naples home soon? Or do you simply want to do a little home renovation? Utilize these smart, practical kitchen updates that won’t break the bank.

Michelle Thomas, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, Luxury Naples/Marco Island Homes & Condos