Landscaping for the Monarch Butterfly Population in Florida

For years, experts believed that nearly all of the monarch butterfly population in Northern America wintered in the warmer climate of Mexico. However, recent studies revealed that much of the eastern North American population actually stayed in Southern Florida during winter months. Plan on updating your Naples home’s landscaping soon? Consider planting these monarch-friendly plants to help our local population thrive.

If you're thinking about adding new landscaping to your Naples or Marco Island home this year, consider plants that help the Monarch butterfly population in Southern Florida.

How to Help the Monarch Butterfly Population in Southern Florida

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One of the best ways to help the Southern Florida Monarch butterfly population is to plant milkweed around your home. Monarchs lay their eggs in milkwood plants so that their larvae have a rich food source directly at the ready once they hatch. But not all milkweeds are created equal. The best thing to do is to include plants native to Southern Florida. Mix it up between plants that help the larvae population and nectar plants for adult Monarchs to drink from. As an added bonus, the nectar plants also entice hummingbirds to come to your garden.

Native Plants for Monarch Butterfly Larvae

  • Butterfly Weed
  • Curtiss’ Milkweed
  • Fewflower Milkweed
  • Green Antelopehorn
  • Longleaf Milkweed
  • Savannah Milkweed
  • Swamp Milkweed
  • White Vine
  • Whorled Milkweed

Native Nectar Plants for Monarch Butterflies

  • Blazing Star
  • Cat’s Tongue
  • Climbing Aster
  • Crownbeard
  • False-Blazing Star
  • Flat-Topped Goldenrod
  • Goldenrod
  • Hempvine
  • Mist Flower
  • Scorpiontail
  • Spanish Needles
  • Yellow Top

Talk to your local nursery to find out which plants would work best in your Naples or Marco Island yard to encourage our Monarch butterfly population. Ask them about proper care for those plants as well. With a little careful planning, you’ll have butterflies and hummingbirds visiting your backyard on a regular basis.

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