Homeowner’s Monthly To-Do List to Keep Your Property Operating Efficiently

When you own a Southwest Florida home, you need to stay on top of its maintenance. Energy costs run away from you if you don’t pay attention, especially in the summertime. To avoid shelling out thousands of dollars on big repairs at the last minute, us this handy homeowner’s monthly to-do list to keep your property operating efficiently. It also helps you identify and repair a problem before it becomes a major catastrophe.

To keep your Naples or Marco Island home  operating efficiently, perform these items on the homeowner's monthly to-do list.

Homeowner’s Monthly To-Do List


<Search homes for sale in the Naples/Marco Island areaRoof leaks tend to be one of the most difficult to detect. By the time you see water spots on your ceiling, water has most likely already been leaking for a while. So, head up to the attic with a flashlight either during a rainstorm or directly afterward. Then, look for signs of water leaking inside.

HVAC System

Next up on your homeowner’s monthly to-do list? Checking your air filters. During winter months, these filters last about three months before you need to change them. In higher usage months (such as summer), you might need to replace them every month. A monthly inspection allows you to gauge how dirty they and whether or not they need a replacement right away. Clean filters allow air to move more freely through your HVAC, putting less pressure on the system. Dirty filters make it more difficult.


Watch how your drains perform as you use your faucets. But, in particular, pay close attention at least once a month. If you begin to notice that the water takes longer to drain, run a pipe cleaner or snake down it to clear out any debris. Check at your local grocery or home improvement store for inexpensive yet effective pipe cleaners and drain snakes. Still slow? Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain. If that still doesn’t work, try a stronger strength drain cleaner. Finally, you might need to contact a professional.


Another large source of household energy consumption is the refrigerator. Dust buildup could inhibit the efficiency of its energy usage. Therefore, once a month, you need to vacuum any dust from the coils and compressor area. Newer models include an easily removable grill either on top of or underneath the refrigerator. Take this off to gain access to your coils and compressor.

Garage Door Opener

Finally, add your garage door opener to the homeowner’s monthly to-do list. First, make sure it opens and closes smoothly. Then, check the safety system. How? As the door closes, put your foot or something else in between the safety beams towards the bottom of the door frame. When the beam is broken, it should force the door to roll back up. If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong with the system.

You can opt to perform every single item on your monthly to-do list over one weekend. That gets them out of the way right away. Or you might want to break things up by only doing one or two of them each week. Then, rotate them over the course of the month. If you break them up, set each chore up on the calendar to keep track of what you performed and when.

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