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Quail West Naples: Luxury Living at its Finest

Looking for country club living on the Gulf Coast? Look no further. Quail West Naples offers luxury living at its finest. Settle in to opulence like nowhere else in one of the most sought after communities in Southwest Florida: Quail West Naples.

Quail West Naples offers luxury country club living in one of Southwest Florida's premiere communities. Estate homes, golf courses, country club & more.

Quail West Naples

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Exquisitely designed, estate-sized homes? Check. Championship golf course? Check. Beautiful natural surroundings? Check. Minutes to the white sands of Southwest Florida beaches? Check. Quail West Naples checks everything off your wish list in one fell swoop. Magnificent doesn’t even begin to describe living here.

Quail West Naples Homes

Quail West Naples works only with the best home builders. These homes have been built with Quail West’s natural beauty in mind. In Southwest Florida, we don’t believe in living inside a box. Quail West Naples’ builders broke down the wall between the inside and outside by incorporating both into their floor plans. Whether you’re looking for a grand estate, stylish residence or classic villa, Quail West Naples exceeds your expectations.

Quail West Golf & Country Club

Elegance and opulence meet in grand fashion at the Quail West Golf & Country Club. Renowned golf course designer Arthur Hills created two superb 18 hole golf courses at Quail West. The Lakes course offers sweeping vistas. It traverses around marshland and lakes, offering plenty of water hazards for even the most skilled golfer to work around. The shorter Preserve course wanders through Quail West’s beautiful wooded areas. The coveted 19th Hole Sunset Bar sits at the end of the Preserve course where golfers relay their best shots of the day while winding down.

While the courses offer endless hours of time on the links, Quail West Naples offers so much more. First, for the tennis enthusiast, the club’s red clay hydro courts await. Practice your backhand or obtain instruction from the club’s pros. Lighted courts allow court time well into the evening hours. Next, swim laps or take an aquatic class in the club’s Olympic-sized pool inside a gorgeous solarium. Do you enjoy exercising in a group with others or do you prefer a more solitary pursuit? The club’s fitness center offers several different classes as well as free weights, weight machines and even a personal trainer if you’d prefer. Or rid yourself of the stresses of life in the club’s luxury spa and salon. Finally, dine on the most heavenly food created by some of the best chefs around in any one of the four different dining areas of the club: the Wine Grotto, the Mahogany Room, the Grand Ballroom or the Cypress Grille.

If the Quail West Naples lifestyle appeals to you, contact me today. I’d be happy to show you what they have to offer. I look forward to hearing from you!

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1002 Royal Marco Way, Marco Island, FL

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ICE Can Save Lives – In Case of Emergency

ICE Can Save Lives

ICE.pngEveryone knows that ice can make a drink cool or reduce swelling, but if you put it on your cell phone, it might just save your life.

The concept is simple.  Make a contact record in your address book with the name “ICE”, which stands for In Case of Emergency.  In the note section of the record, you would list your name, blood type and medical conditions along with prescriptions and physicians.  You’d also list the people and their phone numbers that can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Several years ago, a British first responder came up with the idea when his emergency unit responded to a call where the victim was unable to communicate due to illness or trauma.  The victim’s wallet didn’t indicate specific persons to be notified in an emergency.  The fireman went through his cell phone to try to identify a relative and wasn’t successful.

That’s when he came up with the idea of a universal entry into the address book for ICE where the necessary parties and special information could be kept.  The story received a considerable amount of publicity and spread across the pond to the United States and into many other countries.

While it isn’t recognized everywhere, it is becoming increasingly more popular.  Even if emergency technicians didn’t find it, the slight possibility that they would find it and it would make a difference would justify the few minutes it will take to create it.  Click here to download a card to carry in your wallet or purse.

Don’t Consider Appreciation or Tax Savings

Don’t Consider Appreciation or Tax Savings 

iStock_000004701496XSmall.jpgAppreciation and tax savings are legitimate contributors to an overall rate of return on rental real estate but what if you didn’t consider them at all.  If you only looked at one or two, very conservative measurements, you might decide to invest especially knowing that there are more benefits that will accrue to your investment.

If we bought a property for cash, collected the rent and paid the expenses, the amount left would be called Net Operating Income.  In the example below, if would generate $7,200 a year which would be a 7.02% cash on cash rate of return which is considerably higher than the current 10 year treasury rate of around 2.3%.

If we place a mortgage on that property, the rate of return actually increases due to leverage.  After the principal and interest are paid, the net operating income obviously decreases but the cash on cash rate of return increases to 9.10% because the borrowed funds means less cash invested.

Another contribution to the investment’s rate of return occurs with the mortgage due to amortization: the principal reduces with each payment made which increase the investor’s equity.  In this example, the equity build-up divided by the initial investment yields a 5.25% rate of return in the first year.

Single family homes for rental purposes offer the investor high loan-to-value mortgages at fixed interest rates for long terms on appreciating assets with tax benefits, reasonable control and an opportunity to earn higher than normal rates of return.  Call if you’d like to talk about what kind of rental opportunities are available.

Equity buildup.png

Breathe Easy – Home AC Maintenance

Breathe Easy 

iStock_000020770516XSmall.jpgThe benefits of regularly changing the heating and air-conditioning filters are obvious to homeowners; the real challenge is creating a system to make sure it gets done. 

A reasonable schedule would be to replace it with a new one-inch pleated filter every 60-90 days. Households with shedding pets should consider replacing them every month. Some people change their filters every month when they pay their electric bills.  A simple system would be to set a recurring appointment on your calendar like Outlook or Google.

Filters trap dust, mold and bacteria which can directly affect the air quality and play havoc with your allergies. When a filter is dirty, it prevents proper airflow and allows dust, dirt and allergens to blow through your home. Changing your filter regularly helps to avoid maintenance, improves equipment life and produces increased energy savings.

When shopping for filters, it’s understandable to look for the best bargain but the cheapest price may not be the best choice. When purchasing, recognize that HEPA-rated and HEPA-type filters are not the same thing. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. A HEPA filter meets or exceeds standards for efficiency set by the U.S. Department of Energy. Most HVAC contractors recommend HEPA filters.

Some filters need to be changed monthly and other types have manufacturer recommendations of every three months. An alternative to disposable filters are the permanent, washable types. These will cost more initially but because you can clean them and re-use them, eventually, you’ll recapture the cost and realize savings.