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Home Projects That Require a Professional

DIY rules the airwaves, internet, and social media. Places like Pinterest, YouTube, and HGTV make it feel super easy to tackle just about any project yourself. However, this may work to your detriment in some cases. That includes these home projects that definitely require a professional.

Some home projects can be tackled by motivated DIY'ers. However, others require a professional touch. Know which ones you can tackle alone and which ones you should hire a pro for instead.

When NOT to DIY Your Home Projects

Garage Door

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A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how replacing your garage door provides the best return on investment. Also, it increases your curb appeal. However, one of the home projects you should leave to the professionals is any replacement or repair needed on your garage door. It requires special tools that you may not own. That means renting them. This increases your cost. Also, if you aren’t savvy with the specific workings of a garage door unit, you would be better off hiring someone who does possess those skills.

Electrical Systems

Unless you happen to be a journeyman electrician, I suggest leaving any electrical work up to the pros. Upgrading your electrical panel and installing additional exterior light fixtures should never be considered DIY home projects. If installed improperly, they could become a fire hazard down the road.


Same thing goes for plumbing home projects. Unclogging a toilet or changing out a shower head requires little working knowledge of plumbing systems. However, installing a bathtub, replacing the toilet or moving the sink from one wall to another in the kitchen should be left to the pros. Otherwise, you may end up with leaks which leads to mold. In turn, that could become a major issue in a short amount of time.


Many homeowners love an open floor plan. Older homes feel so cut off from room to room. Just knock down a wall or two to achieve that open concept you desire, right? Hold on. There’s more to demolition that a pair of goggles and a sledgehammer. Watch out for load-bearing walls and interior electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems. Older homes used asbestos in construction materials and lead in the paint. These require special removal techniques performed by licensed professionals. Also, mold may be an issue. Therefore, hire a pro.

Tree Removal

It may sound like a simple task. Get rid of that old tree threatening your Naples home. But, one wrong move and it could unleash thousands of dollars in damage to your property. Then, there’s the neighbor’s property, cars, and nearby powerlines to worry about. For home projects like this, contact a professional service to get the job done right and safely.

Crown Molding

Crown molding creates a luxurious finishing touch to just about any room. It’s also another deceptively more involved home project than you would initially think. Walls rarely fit into a perfect 90-degree angle. The pros utilize special tools as well as tricks that come from their years of experience to fit the crown molding perfectly. Poorly installed crown molding provides less than desirable results.

Roof Repair/Replacement

First, replacing a roof requires getting up onto said roof. That, in and of itself, offers potential physical dangers to your body (falling off/through, for example). Second, consider the potential for thousands of dollars in damage if the roof is not installed properly. These are things that could also show up on a home inspection when you try to sell your Naples or Marco Island home. Contact several different local roofing companies. Get references. Then, ask for proof of insurance before you hire one.

Major Changes

Finally, don’t make any major structural changes to your property yourself. Home projects like a room addition, major kitchen or bathroom renovation, deck, etc. usually require permits from the city first. In turn, the city requires this work to be performed by licensed professionals. If not properly constructed, you run the risk of a structural failure somewhere down the road. Even if it happens after you sell your home, you may still be held personally responsible if you did not hire a professional to perform these tasks.

That being said, some upgrades/renovations actually can be performed by non-professionals. They also make your property stand out when it comes time to sell. However, when it comes to more intense home projects, leave those up to the pros.

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Driveway Improvements That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Does your property need a little pick-me-up? In the past few weeks, I’ve discussed several DIY projects that help boost your home’s value. I even talked about landscaping your home to encourage our Monarch butterfly population here in Florida. But you should also pay attention to your driveway. Stains and cracks do not impress potential buyers. In fact, they could stop buyers in their tracks. If your exterior needs a bit of help, try these driveway improvements that will most definitely increase your curb appeal and bring buyers to your door.

Want to increase your curb appeal? Consider these driveway improvements when renovating your Naples home.

Driveway Improvements That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Stamped Asphalt or Concrete

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An interesting trend in driveway improvements recently is stamped asphalt of concrete. Homeowners choose from an outline of stamped design or something as intricate as an all-over stamped process. In fact, instead of adding brick to your entire driveway, you could choose to stamp and tint asphalt to that it gives the appearance of brick. This offers all the benefits of highly durable asphalt without the expense involved in laying individual bricks along your entire driveway.

Colored Concrete

Another one of the more inexpensive yet beautiful driveway improvements a Naples homeowner could make is to use pigment to color. It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Therefore, instead of a boring grey driveway, you get to decide what color fits in best with your home’s design.

Permeable Pavers

In a wet area such as ours, you know what it’s like when it rains. Puddles everywhere, including the driveway. And if your driveway offers any kind of decline whatsoever, water puddles at the bottom to create a moat you must traverse whenever you leave or come back. One solution to this issue is permeable pavers. Instead of a completely smooth surface, you use open pavers that allow grass to grow in between. It does require some maintenance, but that simply means running your lawnmower over the driveway when you mow the rest of your grass. Other positives? Cracks are no longer a major problem and it is cheaper than many other solutions since you use less material.


The tar-and-chip method (aka “Macadam”) offers amazing results for driveway improvements without a huge expense that other options may present. This driveway starts with a gravel base. Then, asphalt gets poured over the top, creating a “speckled” appearance. This type of driveway provides a long-lasting, durable surface that is less susceptible to cracking.


Finally, when considering any driveway improvements for your Naples home, consider gravel. It’s cheaper than concrete ($0.50 per square foot instead of $4.99 per square foot). Also, it holds up to any shifting underneath. So, cracking is never a concern. And it’s highly durable.

Replace Your Garage Door

OK. So, this isn’t a driveway improvement. But, replacing your garage door not only increases your curb appeal, but it offers one of the best ROI (return on investment) for any home improvement project. And a garage door lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years. You don’t need to fear depreciation if you decide to sell in the next few years.

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Landscaping for the Monarch Butterfly Population in Florida

For years, experts believed that nearly all of the monarch butterfly population in Northern America wintered in the warmer climate of Mexico. However, recent studies revealed that much of the eastern North American population actually stayed in Southern Florida during winter months. Plan on updating your Naples home’s landscaping soon? Consider planting these monarch-friendly plants to help our local population thrive.

If you're thinking about adding new landscaping to your Naples or Marco Island home this year, consider plants that help the Monarch butterfly population in Southern Florida.

How to Help the Monarch Butterfly Population in Southern Florida

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One of the best ways to help the Southern Florida Monarch butterfly population is to plant milkweed around your home. Monarchs lay their eggs in milkwood plants so that their larvae have a rich food source directly at the ready once they hatch. But not all milkweeds are created equal. The best thing to do is to include plants native to Southern Florida. Mix it up between plants that help the larvae population and nectar plants for adult Monarchs to drink from. As an added bonus, the nectar plants also entice hummingbirds to come to your garden.

Native Plants for Monarch Butterfly Larvae

  • Butterfly Weed
  • Curtiss’ Milkweed
  • Fewflower Milkweed
  • Green Antelopehorn
  • Longleaf Milkweed
  • Savannah Milkweed
  • Swamp Milkweed
  • White Vine
  • Whorled Milkweed

Native Nectar Plants for Monarch Butterflies

  • Blazing Star
  • Cat’s Tongue
  • Climbing Aster
  • Crownbeard
  • False-Blazing Star
  • Flat-Topped Goldenrod
  • Goldenrod
  • Hempvine
  • Mist Flower
  • Scorpiontail
  • Spanish Needles
  • Yellow Top

Talk to your local nursery to find out which plants would work best in your Naples or Marco Island yard to encourage our Monarch butterfly population. Ask them about proper care for those plants as well. With a little careful planning, you’ll have butterflies and hummingbirds visiting your backyard on a regular basis.

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Lower Energy Costs Before the Summer Heat Hits

It may only be the end of April, but summer’s a’comin’. And with that comes higher energy bills. But you can combat that right now. Lower energy costs before the summer heat hits by performing a few DIY tasks right now.

Lower energy costs in your Marco Island/Naples home before the summer heat hits by performing these simple DIY tasks right now.

How to Lower Energy Costs Right Now

Window Coverings

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Uncovered windows allow the sun’s rays to heat up the inside of your home. They also allow cooler inside air to escape through small cracks or holes. Because of this, you may end up spending up to 25% more in energy costs. Adding something as simple as thicker draperies that completely cover your windows help lower energy costs . And all you need is a screwdriver, a step stool, a good piece of fabric, and a level to make it happen.

Replace Worn Out Caulking/Weatherstripping

Do you feel a slight breeze when you stand near your window? It might be due to worn out, dry, cracked caulking. For just $2, you can purchase interior window caulking at your local home improvement store. Make sure the caulking is a good quality one and can be painted. Don’t use any caulking meant for exterior use. It must be interior use only. Pipe a bead of it around the window where the trim meets the wall and between the trim and the frame. Weatherstripping works well for window joints. If you have any questions, talk to the expert at your home improvement store. It’s very simple to install caulking and weatherstripping. Even a novice should have no problem.

Clean Your Sills

It might sound silly but a simple cleaning of your window sills may be enough to stop a small air leak and lower energy costs. How? Dirt buildup prevents windows from sealing properly. Thus, air leaks occur. When that happens, it costs more to cool off the interior of your home. Just use soap and water to clean out the sill. For stuck-on grime, a scrubber or old toothbrush should loosen it up enough to wipe away. Don’t forget the tracks in your sliding glass doors, too. This task is so simple that you might even be able to let the kids help you with it. And it costs nothing if you already have the soap and scrubber on hand.

Add a Door Sweep

Another area where a house loses energy is through the exterior doors. Stand in your interior entryway and look at your front door during the day. Do you see daylight streaming through? Then you’re losing energy. One way to stop this from happening is to add a door sweep to the bottom of the door. They create a seal that prevents hot air from coming in and cool air from exiting. The result? Lower energy costs. Some door sweeps install without any hardware whatsoever. Others you’ll need to screw into the door frame. Costs run around $10 to $20 each and take minutes to install.

Inspect Your Air Ducts

Finally, lower energy costs by taking a look at your air ducts. You should be able to see them in your crawl space, attic, unfinished basement area and/or garage. Look for any visible holes or tears. Contrary to what its name implies, forget about using duct tape. Instead, opt for mastic or foil tape. A roll will only set you back about $10 to $15 and can be found at any home improvement store. All you’ll need to complete the task once you purchase your tape is a flashlight.

Before temperatures begin to soar, lower energy costs by completing these simple DIY tasks right now. They don’t take a lot of skill, money or time either. Anybody can do these and you’ll save some money in the process.

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D-I-Y Projects That B-O-O-S-T Your Home’s Value

Does your Marco Island home need a makeover? Is your Naples property begging for an update? Thinking of putting your house on the market this year? You don’t have to spend your life’s savings to make your home appealing to potential buyers. Complete these simple, inexpensive DIY projects instead. The upside? Buyers might pay more for your home afterward.

Want to make a big impression without spending thousands of dollars. These DIY projects not only impress potential buyers, but they also increase your home's value.

D-I-Y Projects That B-O-O-S-T Your Home’s Value


Bathroom overhauls can get expensive. But, you can make a huge change using less money with these simple DIY projects. Tear out the old vanity and install a new one. Big box stores sell these for less than $200 each. Change out the sink. Rip out the old, outdated, large mirror above the vanity. Replace it with a smaller framed mirror instead. Even something as simple as installing a new shower head, towel bar, and toilet paper holder turns a “ho-hum” bathroom into a modern beauty.


Kitchens help sell a Naples home. So, making sure that it’s up to date makes a lot of sense. But, if you don’t want to spend a lot of cents, consider these inexpensive DIY projects. Dark, wooden cabinets are “out”. White cabinets are “in”. If your cabinets are in good shape, paint them. Add new hardware (knobs, pulls, handles). If the old faucet has seen better days, replace it with a newer pull-down option. You’d be shocked at what a transformation you can make for just a couple hundred dollars.


Are your fixtures so last century? One of the great DIY projects that increase your home’s value is replacing them. Doorknobs get dull, dingy, and even break from continued use. For just $10 to $20 each, you can install brand new ones. Another update that many homeowners don’t think of is to replace your outlets. With modern technology, we always seem to be in need of charging up our batteries (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc). But outlets may come at a premium in your household. Consider replacing the traditional outlet with one that includes a USB port or two. At $10 to $20 apiece, they make an awesome selling feature to today’s tech-savvy buyers. Instead of replacing every single one of your outlets, though, keep the cost down by installing one or two in the kitchen, living room, and each bedroom. These are the areas you would use them the most. And it still frees up the outlets for anything that needs a regular plug.


Finally, let’s talk lighting. Southwest Florida provides lots of natural light throughout the year. You want to let that light shine inside. A no-cost DIY project would be to just take down heavy drapes or add sheer fabric panels. Some light fixtures fade over time. If that has happened in your home, replace them. Double pane windows with a cracked seal may allow moisture inside. When this happens, mold and hard water deposits can create a film on the glass, making it difficult to see out of. Replace old windows with more energy efficient ones. This definitely adds value on several levels. New windows look better, they keep the elements outside of the house and they help lower your utility costs year-round.

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Creating the Perfect Home Office Space

According to the New York Times, 43% of Americans worked from home at least part of the time in 2016. Experts predict that this could increase to 50% by 2020. Therefore, creating the perfect home office space becomes a priority for Naples and Marco Island homeowners. Here are a few key components you’ll need to set up your home office space and be as productive as possible throughout your workday.

Several elements come in to play when creating the perfect home office space for your Naples home. It must be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing in order to make it a place you want to work in.

Home Office Space Essentials

Dedicated Home Office Space

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First and foremost, you’ll need a dedicated space specifically used as a home office. One of the requirements necessary to utilize a home office deduction on your taxes is that you use the space exclusively for business and nothing more. For example, an office that doubles as a guest room might hinder your ability to deduct part of your household expenses for the home office. Consult your tax accountant or preparer if you have any questions about this.

Proper Lighting

If you’ve spent any time in a traditional office setting, you know how harsh overhead fluorescent lights can be on your eyes. Sometimes, you might need a stronger light source for particular projects. Other times, a softer light works just fine. Since this is your personal home office, you get to choose which light fixtures work best for your circumstances. Home improvement stores offer a wide variety of lighting choices. Discuss what you need with a sales associate to help determine which fixtures to install in your Naples home.

Comfortable Furnishings

Plan on working full-time from home? Even a few hours a day wreaks havoc on your body. Therefore, you need comfortable yet supportive furnishings for your home office. Test out several chairs. Make sure the desk can handle all the work you must complete. Include storage bins or other organizational tools to keep all of your supplies in order and available when you need them.

Technology Must-Haves

Since you’ll be working remotely from your Marco Island home office, you’re going to need a good internet connection. If you work in multiple windows at one time, you need a higher speed connection than browsing for recipes or checking your Facebook status require. Also, as technology develops, you might need to update your computer every couple of years to keep up. Consider using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse if you do a lot of typing every day. These help reduce the fatigue in your fingers and wrists.

Personalizing Your Space

Finally, you’re going to want to personalize your space. Just because it’s a home office doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy. Add pictures, artwork, and miscellaneous tchotchkes that mean something to you. Make this a space that you want to work in. Since you’re the only one there, you get to create whatever kind of a work environment you desire. Your only limitation is your imagination.

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Why Choose Quartz Over Granite for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Granite has been a staple in many Naples and Marco Island homes for years now. In recent years, this beautiful high-end finish began to steadily lose popularity points to quartz. Why have builders, designers, and homeowners begun to choose quartz over granite for their kitchen renovation projects? More choices, easier maintenance, and a more eco-friendly option to name just a few.

When choosing countertops for a kitchen renovation, designers and builders alike have begun to move away from granite and embrace quartz.

Kitchen Renovation: Quartz vs Granite

More to Choose From

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In your kitchen renovation, quartz provides more options to choose from than granite. While it looks like stone, it can be engineered to match just about any color scheme. Whether you want a lighter material or a darker color, manufacturers can create any color you want. Natural granite, on the other hand, sticks predominantly to the white, gray or pink families.

Lower Maintenance

Another reason quartz rose to the top of the list with kitchen renovation is because it is so much easier to maintain than granite. Even the best chefs spill things in the kitchen (greasy food, juice, oil, wine). These all stain the porous surface of granite, ruining its beautiful design. Quartz handles these spills like a pro. Unlike granite, simple soap and water clean up quartz in a snap. It’s also scratch-resistant and won’t stain or discolor due to hot items being placed on it. Even so, you probably shouldn’t leave sizzling hot pans directly on quartz.

Costs Less Than Exotic Granite Slabs

While some granite actually costs less than engineered quartz, the more exotic granite slabs cost more. Large kitchen islands require a large slab of granite. This can be difficult to locate. In that case, you’ll need to find two slabs of granite similar in color and design. Otherwise, the whole island looks “off”. That means cutting the slabs to match each other. With quartz, the manufacturer creates the exact size, color, and design you want. No extra cost. No waste.

More Eco-Friendly

Finally, with your kitchen renovation, quartz tends to be more eco-friendly. Granite must be quarried and, sometimes, imported (depending on where you get it from). Stick with local quartz manufacturers to cut down on transportation. Also, check out salvage shops like Home & Salvage on Taylor in Naples. They might have quartz pieces you can utilize in your own kitchen renovation for a fraction of what granite costs.

Marco Island Christmas Tree Lighting

On a totally different note, if you missed the Christmas Tree Lighting festivities in Naples last week, it’s OK. The Marco Island Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony takes place this Saturday at Veterans Community Park. Just make sure you’re there before 6 pm so you don’t miss a moment of the fun. Besides, you don’t want to miss a visit from Santa, do you?

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Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete Right Now

So, fall technically doesn’t begin for 12 more days. However, responsible Naples/Marco Island homeowners start getting their properties in shape for the change of seasons as soon as possible. Complete the following fall home maintenance tasks right now. Then, you’ll be ahead of the curve if you need a service call.

Save yourself the headache and expense of a larger problem by tackling these fall home maintenance tasks right now.

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete Right Now


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We might not experience the bone-chilling cold here in the Naples/Marco Island area that other parts of the country feel. However, that doesn’t mean we should neglect cleaning out the gutters as part of our fall home maintenance tasks. Rain falls quite a bit here, as you know. In fact, our summers experience the most precipitation out of the entire year. Wind brings all sorts of foliage to our rooftops that can then settle into the gutters. If the gutters become clogged, water won’t drain properly from the roof. Pooling water creates a myriad of problems, from roof rips and tears to rot and leaks. The majority of these problems can be solved by simply clearing out your rain gutters routinely.


Another one of the fall home maintenance tasks to pay attention to right now is cleaning out your fireplace. We may still have a couple of months before you actually light a fire in your fireplace, however, you should make sure it is in proper working condition right now. Creosote builds up in the chimney, creating a fire hazard. Leave the cleaning to the pros. Experts recommend a good chimney sweep after every 50-70 fires. One professional cleaning per year (either early fall or in the spring) should be enough for more Naples/Marco Island homes.


Next item up on your fall home maintenance tasks list should be to inspect your roof. As I said before, wind brings all manner of things to the rooftop. It can also cause severe damage to tiles or other roofing materials. Repair or replace damaged areas as soon as possible. I highly recommend paying a roofing company to come out and look at your roof. Inspections typically cost about $100. But it could save you thousands of dollars down the road if a potential problem is spotted and resolved in its early stages.


When the weather starts to change, animals like to find warmer places to nest. Don’t allow them to lay claim to your Naples/Marco Island home. The final one of your fall home maintenance tasks to tackle right now is to walk around the perimeter of your home looking for small holes in the walls. Check the eaves as well as the foundation. Mice and other critters look for ways inside and they don’t need much of hole to do it either. Most mice fit through a whole the size of a dime. Even vents provide access points. Also, keep cold, wet weather out and warm temperatures in during the winter by sealing up doors and windows. Replace worn or cracked caulking or weather stripping. This helps reduce your energy usage and costs as well.

Complete these fall home maintenance tasks as soon as possible. Some might require the services of a professional. As the weather gets cooler, these professionals’ schedules fill up. Then, the consumer (you) gets charged more. Save yourself the headache and expense of a larger problem by tackling these chores right now.

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Reseal Your Driveway and Boost Your Curb Appeal

Want to boost your curb appeal? In the past, I’ve told you how to make your outdoor spaces more mobile-friendly. I even talked about specific colors trending for spring. This time, let’s turn to the front of your house…more specifically, your driveway. Do cracks and potholes make your driveway look shabby? With a little elbow grease, you can reseal your driveway without professional help and boost your curb appeal.

It's easier to reseal your driveway than you think. And it easily boosts the curb appeal of your Marco Island/Naples home.

How to Reseal Your Driveway

Check the Weather

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When you reseal your driveway, you’re going to need one full week of no rain and temperatures of 60F or above. While the latter isn’t a problem at the moment, we tend to experience the most rainfall between May and October in Marco Island and June through September in Naples. Check the weather forecast before you start your resealing project or you may end up having to do it again.

Clear the Way

You need a clean surface to reseal your driveway. Therefore, you’ll need to take the weed wacker to any growth around the sides and in between the cracks on your driveway. Sweep or blow away any grass clippings or dirt on the surface as well. Then, power wash the entire driveway using a back and forth motion. You’ll then need to allow it to dry completely or the sealant will not adhere to it. It typically takes about 48 hours to dry all the way through.

Take Care of the Cracks/Potholes

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and boots or old shoes you don’t mind messing up. Then, seal up the smaller cracks and potholes in your driveway’s surface with asphalt crack filler (available at most home improvement stores). This helps provide a smooth surface for the asphalt sealant to go over.

Create an Asphalt Perimeter

With a long-handled brush, use wet asphalt to mark the perimeter of where you’ll be laying down the asphalt when you reseal your driveway. This provides a guideline of where to quit spreading it. If the asphalt goes outside of that line, it could create an unsightly stain that is difficult to remove. Keep it off the grass and garage door.

Start Filling it In

After you created a perimeter, fill in the space with asphalt. Using a push-pull method, make sure your asphalt is evenly coated. Don’t work with any more than two to three gallons at a time. You’ll want it to be evenly distributed throughout.

Finishing Touches

At the end of the driveway, use a bristle brush to mark an asphalt border line when you reseal your driveway. This helps create a borderline between the driveway and the street. Finally, stay off the driveway for several days to allow it to set properly and thoroughly dry.

While it may sound like a lot of work to reseal your driveway, it really isn’t. Almost anybody can do it themselves and save a few dollars in the process. Talk to your local home improvement store associates if you have any questions. Good luck!

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Weekend Warrior Paint Project for Your Naples Home

Earlier this year, I discussed the beautiful paint color trends for spring. The included warm persimmons, pastel yellows, earthy turquoises, and lovely lilacs. These colors give your Naples home a pick-me-up over simple white walls. Even a brighter hue on your front door gives the entire facade a lift. Looking for another weekend warrior paint project for your Naples home? Why not paint interior doors and trim in something other than white?

Home in need of a little "oomph"? I have a weekend warrior paint project for your Naples home. Change the color of your interior doors & trim to add character to each room.

Weekend Warrior Paint Project – Interior Doors and Trim

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Click the photo above to search homes for sale in the Naples/Marco Island area.

For many homeowners, it feels natural to paint the walls once you claim ownership of your house. It adds a bit of your own style to the place. However, we often overlook the trim and interior doors. This is unfortunate. You wouldn’t paint the exterior of your Naples home without also painting the trim, would you? And by concentrating on a small area like doors, window casings or trim, you can be more daring with color than you might want to be with a whole wall. Also, this is a simple weekend warrior paint project that won’t take up days or weeks of your time to complete. If you don’t like it, paint over it later. Here are a few current trends to consider using on your trim and doors.

Neutral Colors

With this weekend warrior paint project, neutral colors always remain timeless. When I say “neutral”, I don’t mean just sticking with creams or beiges (even though they are very pretty). Olive green and even gray colors provide the perfect neutral complement to most other colors in the room. They also look gorgeous against simple white walls.


Black is the new white when it comes to trim. It works well with just about any color you use on the walls of your Naples home. It also creates a beautiful accent when used on closet and en-suite doors in the bedroom. And if you want to draw the eye to the spectacular view outside, trim your windows in a gorgeous black color inside.

Bold, Bright Colors

Want to spice things up? Paint your interior doors a bright hue. A bold turquoise door with trim in a matching color or black makes a statement without feeling overwhelming. Visit Postcards from the Ridge’s website for some incredible inspiration to use in your own home.


So, it may sound odd to go with a monotone look when the whole point of this post was to change up your trim and doorway looks. However, using the same color for your interior doors and trim that you use on the walls and ceilings help make them virtually disappear. In turn, this makes small rooms feel much larger. Also, if your home includes several doors on either side of a hallway, using a monochromatic color scheme allows the doors to blend better into the walls.

Only have a couple of days to tackle some home improvement ideas? Create a whole new space with this weekend warrior paint project. Concentrate on changing up the color of your doors, trim and/or window casings. Time to complete and the cost of materials is minimal. But the difference can be extraordinary.

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